What is Pear Cider?


Although it is not as popular as apple cider, pear cider or simply called “perry” in the United Kingdom, is a fermented cider made out of pear juice.

People have created many different variations of pear cider.  Some adds sugar to it in order for the perry to produce more bubbles.  Others strain the juice more finely to create a consistency very similar to that of white wine or champagne.

Some people prefer their pear ciders unstrained with a deep brown color.  This type of perry called artisan pear cider is usually sold at local markets.

Essentially though, there is only one basic fermentation process for pear cider:  whole pears are pressed into juice and then transferred into bottles or barrels where they will ferment (with a slight fizz) at specific temperatures.

How does pear cider taste like?

Depending on the quality, pear cider has a slightly “peary” and sweet taste with a faintly sharp flavor.  Others produce generally sweeter perries.  You may also choose between hard and soft pear ciders.

Some are even combined with other fruits such as apples, apricot and berries.

Pear ciders also do not have a very high alcohol-content – usually just about six to eight percent.  But home-made perries of course may have a higher alcohol-content.