What is a Pear?


You would know what a pear is with its distinctive shape.  With a round bottom that tapers to the top, it is commonly shaped like a bell.  Some varieties though are apple-shaped or teardrop-shaped.

The pear’s paper-thin skin color varies.  Some are green, others are yellow.  There are also brown, red and pink pears.  Some are even a combination of all these colors.

Once tagged as the “gift of the gods,” the flesh of this fruit is from to white, its texture is somewhat grainy and its taste sweet and very juicy.

Pears are related to apples and quince and are a member of the rose family.  It has a core such as that of apples which contains several seeds.

There are quite a number of pear varieties but the most commonly available in the US are Bosc, Anjou, Comice and Bartlett.   Other pear varieties such as Passe Crassane, Conference and Packham are also becoming widely popular in other countries.

Pears are picked and gathered from the tress when they are almost ripe.  They are ripened in storage taking note that cold would slow down the ripening process while heat will speed it up.

This juicy fruit is usually eaten raw and fresh, processed or canned.  They are great as desserts especially when they are processed as marmalades.  They can also be cooked like a vegetable.  However, they are mostly treated as a fruit, which is what pears are.