Some Varieties of Pear Trees

You think you are already familiar with pears when you see the light yellow or green kind in the green grocers.  But the truth is, there are over a thousand varieties of pear worldwide.  Some of them you may not have seen the shadow of.

But there are only two main kinds of pear trees:  the flowering or ornamental kind, and the fruiting kind.

Flowering pear tree varieties do not produce fruits.  Yet they are favored over the other varieties.  It’s probably because they have a unique oval or pyramidal shape with delicate white flowers and foliage that turn a fiery red, orange and purple in the fall.

They can make any space look quite attractive and they do not take up a lot of room.

Some of the most common flowering pear trees are Aristocrat, Bradford, Frontier, Autumn Blaze, Trinity and Chanticleer, to name a few.

Fruiting pear trees, as its name suggests, bears fruits.  They are very hardy – one that can tolerate harsh weather and soil conditions.

Standard fruit-bearing pear trees however, are quite large.  They can grow as high as 30 feet with a trunk diameter of 12 inches – even more.  There are newer fruiting varieties that are dwarfed and semi-dwarfed, so if you do not have enough space at home, you can opt to grow this instead.

Some of the most common fruiting pear trees include Bartlett, Asian and European pear trees.

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