Pears as Baby Food


Pears are good not just for adults, but for babies, too.  It’s one of the recommended first fruits for babies aged from four to six months of age.

Why?  The pear is a hypoallergenic fruit which means they will not produce any negative reaction when babies eat it.  Healthcare practitioners recommend this bell-shaped fruit as a safe way to start introducing solid foods to infants.

In terms of texture, pears can easily be made into a puree whether they are fresh or cooked.  However, it is recommended for pears to be steamed if you are going to be feed a baby who is under eight months of age.

Steaming will help the baby break down the fiber and sugar-content in pears.

Pears, aside from being hypoallergenic, are gentle to the digestive system as well.  It also has vitamins A, C among other vitamins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium.

To make a pear baby food, simply peel and cut the fruit into chunks, removing the core at the center of the pear.  Steam gently until it becomes tender.

Then, with a food processor, blend the steamed pear until its texture becomes smooth.  You can also use a fork to mash the fruit.

Pears tend to be watery, but add hot water if you want to adjust the texture and make it thinner.  You may add baby cereal to thicken the consistency.  It’s best to consult your pediatrician about introducing first solids to infants.