Pears: Are They Any Good for Preserving?


You can do a lot of things with pears – you can eat them raw, poach or stew them, make a fruit puree or shake, liquor or wine, pickle them or turn them into lovely chutney.

There are just so many things to do with pears you wouldn’t know where to start.

You can bottle them into a soft preserve where it can be kept at the fridge for a couple of months.  Simply peal the pears, slice into quarters and remove the cores.  Then, pack them into preserving jars and pour either light or heavy sugar syrup into it and close the lid.  Simple, isn’t it?

Or you can simmer them straight in their jars.  Put the jars of pear with water and sugar on a large preserving pan, but keep the base from touching the pan by using a trivet.  Pour water into the pan until it is level with the neck of the jars and put the heat on low.

Let it simmer for about an hour or until the pears are cooked inside the jars.  You would know it is starting to cook when bubbles start to rise in the jars.  Once cooked, take the jars out, leave to cool and tighten the lids.

To stew pears, peel them, slice into quarters and remove the core.  Put the pears to a boil in water.  Add sugar and cook until the pears are soft.  Cooked this way, the pears can then be put in suitable containers and kept in the fridge.  It should last for about a year.

If you have a drier at home, you can also dry pears.  Just prepare the pears according to the instructions that come with the drier and you can have dried pears whenever, wherever.  Dried pears can be used in cakes as decoration, stews or eaten as it is.


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    Can uncooked pears be frozen