Pear Wine Recipe


Like grapes, pears can also be used to make complex and full-bodied wine.  Pear wine is a drink that has been appreciated since ancient times; it has even become fashionable during the 1500’s.

There are many recipes of pear wine available today.  But the most traditional would be the one that has raisins and sugar included in the list of ingredients.   This wine type can be served on its own or can be taken with an assortment of fruits or cheese.

To create your very own traditional pear wine, you would need:

5 lbs of very ripe pears

A gallon of water

A pound of raisins

2 lbs of very fine sugar

1 and ½ teaspoon of acid blend

Half a teaspoon of pectic enzyme

A teaspoon of yeast nutrient

A package of wine yeast

Begin by boiling the water in a large pot.  While you are waiting, chop the pears, wash and put them in the primary fermentation container.  Then, add the acid blend and sugar.

When the water has boiled, pour it into the container of pears and stir until all the sugar has been dissolved.  Allow it to cool to room temperature.

Once cool, add the pectic enzyme and stir.  Let the mixture rest for at least a day before adding yeast and yeast nutrient.  After you have added the two, cover the container and put it in a warm but dark place.

Let it stay there for a week, remembering to stir the mixture every day.  After a week has gone, you can add rack the mixture in a secondary fermentation container and seal it with an airlock.  After three months, rack the mixture into bottles and let it ferment for a year before doing a taste-test.

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  1. Emma says:

    “After a week has gone, you can add rack the mixture in a secondary fermentation container” – what should I be adding before racking?