How to Store Pears


Once ripe, pears are very perishable.  If you have two or more pears and they have ripened all at the same time, you have to know how to store them lest they all rot before you can eat them.

If a pear is ripened on the tree, they develop a coarse texture and a not-so-pleasant “winey” flavor.  They should be picked when they are still unripe and be allowed to ripe on the kitchen counter.

Once you have harvested your pears, you will need to know how to properly store them.  But first, you have to know that fruits in good condition must never be put together with damaged ones.     

You can put your pears in a clean cardboard or wooden box with slats for proper air circulation.  But when you do, don’t line the box or wrap the fruit individually with paper.  Storage temperature must be between 30° to 32°F.

A high humidity in the storage area must also be maintained.  To do this, you can put an open pan of water near the box of pears.

Never store pears with onions and other strong-smelling produce, too, as the pears will absorb their smell.  Who wants to eat a pear that tastes like an onion?

Generally, pears store well like apples.  But the life of stored pears varies from one cultivar to another and its storage temperature as well.  Some can be kept from eight to ten weeks in cold storage, while others cannot last that long.