How to Make Pear Liqueur


If you have extra pears to spare, you may want to make your own pear liqueur.  Aside from being economical, you can also customize the taste according to what your own personal preference.

Take your pick.  You can make it light and sweet, thick and syrupy.  It is your liqueur, anyways.  Bartlett is typically the best pear variety in making pear liqueur.  They are succulent, smooth and sweet.

Pear liqueurs can be made by distilling fermented pears or steeping crushed pears in brandy.

Preparation for pear liqueur-making should start at the beginning of pear-growing season.  Once the flowers start to pollinate, the bottles must be placed accordingly over the branches so that the pears will grow inside the bottles.

To quench your summer days with pear liqueur, you need to have:

Half a pound of ripe but firm pears, cut into strips but not pared

The peels of two apples

One clove

Half an inch of cinnamon stick

A pinch of nutmeg

Two coriander seeds
A cup of sugar

A cup and a half of brandy or vodka
Once the ingredients are ready, put the pears in a clear jar along with all the dry ingredients – apple peel, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon stick, coriander seeds, and sugar.

Then pour the brandy or vodka to the jar, cover and steep for at least two weeks.  Make sure to shake the jar every two day so as to mix all the ingredients inside.

After two weeks, you can strain the mixture, filter and pour the liqueur in a bottle.  Simple yet a very delicious summer drink to have.

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  1. Kaori says:

    I get bushels of pears off my pear tree this time every year, and I would like to make some kind of wine or loqiur from them. Any ideas?