How to Grow a Pear Tree from a Pip

Raising pears is relatively easy, but it may test your patience because it takes two to four years before they bear fruits.  You may purchase small pear trees from your local nursery, but you can also grow a pear tree from a pip.

You can buy pear seeds or get them straight from the fruit, but they will have to go through a stratification period at 40 degrees F in order for them to germinate.

To do this, wrap the seeds in a moist paper towel, put them in a glass container and refrigerate from 60 to 90 days.  Once that has been completed, your seeds are ready to be planted.

Choose where you will plant the seeds and make sure that wherever it is, there are no weeds in the area and it is not shaded.  Dig a hole that is about two inches deep.

Combine well-rotted compost and fresh potting soil in equal amounts, put the seed in the hole and bury it with the soil mixture.  Water the soil thoroughly and put a marker in the area so you won’t forget where you planted your seed.  Water it twice a week.

Observe if your seed has germinated and have sprouted from the ground.  Put a stake to the young tree.  Their roots are not yet strong so they need it to avoid being knocked over by strong winds.

Fertilize the base of the tree extending up to about a foot during its first year.  To prevent root competition, regularly remove weeds.  Do take note however, that pear trees grown from seed rarely produce the same variety of fruit as its parent plant.