How to Freeze Pears


It’s a busy world and although we want to spend some time in the kitchen, we can’t seem to get to it.  If you have pears you don’t have the time to eat or cook, you may want to freeze them so you can use them at a later time.

There are many ways to freeze fruits.  You can dry-freeze, sugar-freeze, syrup-freeze or turn them in a fruit purée before stowing them in the freezer.

Although you can freeze pears raw or cooked, not all freezing methods are ideal for this bell-shaped fruit.

Freezing pears allow you to have it anytime, all year long.  But you have to carefully choose the fruit you will freeze – too ripe and it will become too mushy when thawed (unless you want to puree it); too unripe and would still be hard even after you thaw it.


You can blanch pears first before freezing them.  Peel, seed and cut the pears in halves or quarters and blanch them in lemon water for a few minutes.

Drain and cool using cold water to stop the cooking process, store in a plastic container and put it in the fridge.  It should keep between six months to as long as a year.


When pears are overripe, it’s best to purée them first before freezing.  Puréed pears, once defrosted, can be served as mousse, sauce or jam.  It’s also great with ice cream among other desserts.

The pears must be stewed lightly and sweetened with sugar being puréed.  It should last as long as eight months when frozen this way.


If your pears are not very succulent or a little too firm, this is the best freezing method you can use.

To prepare pears for syrup-freezing, dissolve caste sugar in water and bring it to a boil.  Allow to cool and add a lemon if you prefer.  Pour the syrup in a container with peeled pears.  Make sure to leave a headspace of at least half an inch as the syrup will expand when it becomes frozen.

This should keep in the freezer between nine to twelve months.



You can also freeze pears as they are – raw.  However, make sure that before you stuff them in a freezer bag, sprinkle them first with lemon to prevent the flesh from being discolored.