How to Choose a Pear Tree

You need to do your homework before buying a pear tree.  That is, if you do not want to end up disappointed because you have a tree that is not just misshapen, but one that doesn’t bear fruit at all.

There are over a thousand varieties of pear trees, each type bearing different growth spurts, life spans, and physical characteristics.

This beautiful tree produces fruit between 60 to 200 years and can grow as tall as 30 feet.  Some produces fruit on their own while some have to cross-pollinate with other trees to bear fruits.  This is the reason why it is important to choose your pear tree carefully.

The factors to consider when selecting a pear tree are its rootstock, taste and fruit size and pollination.

Once you have determined your preference, go to your local garden nursery and select a pear tree that is about four to six feet in height.  Its trunk must have a diameter of approximately 5/8 inch or more.

A pear tree that is a year old will have strong roots with four to five branches.

If you buy a pear tree that pollinates itself or are self-fertile, there would be no need to buy another tree.  Otherwise, you will have to plant two trees for them to cross-pollinate and bear fruit.  They also need to bloom at the same time so make sure if their pollination code letters match.

Also make sure to select a pear tree you can “train” like an apple tree.  One you can shape into a fan or a round ball.  These pear tree types are easy to maintain and harvest fruits from.

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