How Deep Should a Pear Tree be Planted?

Planting entails digging, of course.  But we often dismiss it as easy that when we are actually about to dig, we are left to ponder how big the hole should be and how deep the pear tree should planted.

Pear trees have roots that grow deep into the ground.  However, do not plant it too deep as this may cause your tree problems.  It may make your pear tree grow feebly, or expose the roots to diseases which can cause decay and eventually death.

Instead, dig a hole that is about twice as big as the root ball or the container where the tree is planted.  Or you may dig a hole that is at least 24 up to 30 inches in width and about an inch or two less in depth.

Pear trees also prefers well-drained soil, so if possible, dig a hole with rough sides to help the water drain away.  It will also aid root growth; sides that are smooth will restrict it.

Put the pear tree in the hole, setting the root ball two inches above ground level.  When filling up the hole, use only the soil which you have removed from the hole.  Make sure you do not add any sand, foreign or organic matter to it.

Add quality compost only to the topsoil.

If the roots of your pear tree are wrapped in burlap, do not remove it from the roots.  Instead loosen the burlap from around the trunk and the top of the root ball.  Also remove any other wire and plastic wrappings before planting.